Stay Better – build on your good work!

Now the rocket has been prepared and taken off, what happens next? Does the rocket fall back to earth, make orbit or go beyond?

“Stay better” addresses the stickiness problem. If the new skills and learnings are not put into practice, they will be lost, which means the individuals and organisation lose out too.

That’s why most training programmes aren’t effective!

My approach is not just to deliver a training programme – but oversee and nurture the process and build a partnership for success.

This is divided into 3 services: follow-up, coaching and consultation.

Follow-up – catchup session to see what has been learned or put into practice. This may identify whether a ‘top-up’ is needed or new areas need to be addressed.

Coaching – maintain momentum with a more in-depth and personalised programme.

Consultation – a deeper dive into particular areas where problem solving and analysis are required. This could include strategy, people, product, processes, customer relationships and so on.

I've spent 25+ years dealing with these issues and more in order to grow businesses and deliver successful programmes.

My unique approach is tailored for your needs. Contact me for a FREE consultation and let's work together to reach new heights for your organisation!

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Pathways to thriving

I love training and supporting people in their development. But I am often asked what happens afterwards?

My response is: “What do you want to see happen?”

To work with you I offer 3 services offering different levels of additional value.

I care about what I do – that means I’m there to support you post training.

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Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.

~ Lyndon B. Johnson