Receiving training isn’t the end of the story, it’s the start of a new, unfolding chapter.

It’s important to follow-up and assess the impact of the training after a few weeks, as trainees may have further questions or need a refresh.

Perhaps you may want a deeper focus on specific topics already covered, or look at new areas entirely?

For instance, after doing an Effective Teamwork training, the team may wish to improve communication or culture. After discussing, further training may be identified such as boosting listening skills. The Listening for Success course provides that.

Whatever your needs, a follow-up helps by shining a spotlight, from which a plan of action can emerge to take your organisation forward!

Benefits of following-up

  • Assess the impact of the given training
  • Refresh topics covered
  • Answer further questions
  • Identify areas for further development
  • Short-term deliverables
  • Have the support of an experienced professional to boost your organisation. 

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This is a regular activity, either 1:1 or in small groups, over a pre-agreed period of time. Coaching is different to training. The purpose is to improve performance by helping you learn and unlock your potential. Coaching is a partnership requiring commitment from...


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