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My mission is to help organisations create value, and change behaviours to be, do and stay better!

~ Dr Rupesh Srivastava

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I’m honest, professional and inclusive. My unique approach is built on direct experiences and lessons learned from overcoming considerable challenges on personal and business levels.


  • in business: 20+ years in technology startups and consultancy
  • in academia: 5+ years at Oxford University developing and nurturing the UK quantum computing ecosystem.
  • in people: supporting development and growth since mid-1990s.


I’ve been a trusted advisor to many people over the years. They value my expertise, experience, understanding and discretion. People trust me because they know I care and that I help resolve their problems.


A colourful life

When I talk about changing the world, I have a vision of something better than today.

In that vision, people are expressing their talents and creativity, and are generally happier.

A person is not just another ‘brick in the wall’, but an amazing human being capable of creating and contributing towards a colourful and enriching life.

All it takes is coming out of your comfort zone and I want to help you to achieve that!

Proven Success

Learn, Grow and Thrive!

I created ‘Training with Roop’ to address a skills and understanding gap that blocks people and organisations from reaching their success potential.

I can show you what excellence looks like, work with you to get there, and support you to stay on track!

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A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are built for.

~ John A. Shedd (1928)